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About us

Bespoke skincare born of a doctor’s experience DrGL® is a range of bespoke skincare by celebrity Dr Georgia Lee. The proprietary skincare range infuses science into effective skincare and is dedicated to different skin types. Eschewing the mass for a carefully crafted selection of premium quality products, DrGL® offers the modern busy individual maximum efficacy, minimum fuss.

While her clinical experience gave her the confidence to start her very own skincare line, it was her personal experience that provided the final push. A serious allergic reaction resulted in blisters that covered the left side of her face, leaving her with persistent hyperpigmentation which only resolved after treatment with a cream that she customized for herself. While traumatic, this episode piqued her interest in skincare and motivated her to delve further into its development.

Uncompromising quality As a boutique brand, Dr Lee is involved at every stage of DrGL® product development, from formula to manufacturing and packaging, always striving for the highest standards.

Never one to settle for less than the best, Dr Lee brings this same demanding approach to DrGL®. Maximum efficacy is ensured with the use of top-of-the-range ingredients, a choice that surprised even her suppliers who advised that cheaper mass alternatives could provide almost the same effects; but for Dr Lee, almost is simply not good enough. Similarly, manufacturers of the same mindset were sought, ensuring that the purity of the products is never compromised at any stage.

A cult favorite in the making Most gratifyingly, DrGL® has received rave reviews and more importantly, has made a difference to its users. Since its inception, DrGL® skincare has won critical acclaim and recognition. Discover for yourself why fans swear by it. ​​


Brand Story

DrGL Skin Care from leading medical experts.

DrGL skincare leading by Dr. Georgia Lee, who invented the blend science with simplicity to suit all skin perfectly DrGL avoid the main ingredient used in skin care in general. But recruiting the best mix to meet the needs for today's busy life.

10 years of experience in the field of medicine Dr. Georgia Lee met almost all forms of skin problems. One of them is allergic disorders that have left their mark on the left side of the face and the dark spots are obvious. She invented a cream made specifically for your skin she knew best. And although the pain comes back, it motivates her even more attention to the development of skin care the best out of the market.

Full of quality​​ 

Dr. Georgia care process DrGL highest standards every step. Since the invention of the formula To the packaging in order to get the best quality products.

But she did not stop the word "best" is a product that makes DrGL assured with quality ingredients. Strict surprised even manufacturers have introduced renewable raw materials prices, which are much cheaper. But she denied the reason that that's not good enough for her. Ensures that all processes are brimming with quality.

Users "favorite" one voice.​

Since its inception DrGL acclaimed and widely accepted. And it was delightful. Skincare can change the lives of our users. And we are ready to find the answer yourself.

Product Overview DrGL

To meet the needs of your skin on a daily basis, so hurry DrGL assortment of products to meet the skin care needs into five categories, which are different to contain oily skin prone to acne problems. Problem skin is smooth The problem traces premature And Sensitive Skin.